Wisława Szymborska





Introduction to Szymborska Biography Nobel Lecture
Life Under Communism    



The Poems

Love & the Fragility of Human Connections

I am too close ... Over Wine A Moment in Troy
Golden Anniversary Without a Title Lot's Wife

The Human Condition: Lonely, Empty and Brief

Nothing Twice Born Parable
Life While You Wait Unwritten Poem  

Poetry as Salvation

The Joy of Writing Autotomy The Three Oddest Words

Joy and Beauty

Birthday Astonishment Allegra Ma Non Troppo

War, Oppression, Suffering & Hope

Starvation Camp Some People Tortures
Still Question on Pornography Discovery

Mockery & Wit

Ruben's Women Bodybuilder's Contest A Byzantine Mosaic



Tracked Poems




Critical Articles

Small Truths Etched Sharply The Unimportant Nothing Twice
Holocaust Poetry    



Useful Websites

An Overview of Szymborska's Life and Profile of her Work

Poland Under Socialism - Detailed Set of Resources