Timeline – Chronicle of a Death Foretold


Sunday             06:00    Formal wedding festivities end, guests of honour leave

22:00     Angela sends for her wedding cases

23:00    Pura goes to sleep


Monday             00:00    Santiago ,Cristo, Luis and Narrator go to the brothel

01:00    Bayardo returns Angela to her house – 2hr beating

02:00     Vicario twins leave the brothel

03:00     Just before 3am the Vicario twins return hom

Just after 3am Santiago, Cristo etc.. leave the brothel

03:20     Vicario twins sharpen their knives at Faustino Santos’ place

04:00     Just Before 4am Mayor Aponte wakes and shaves

Santiago, Cristo etc .. serenade the newlyweds

Around 4am Santiago, Cristo finish serenading

04:10    Vicario twins start waiting at Clotilde Armenta’s

Clotilde tells Officer Leondro of the twins’ plan

Officer Leondro informs Mayor Aponte of the murder plot

04:20     Santiago returns home

Cristo goes to grandparents and learns more wedding costs

Narrator goes to the brothel

Luis meets the Vicario twins in the milkshop

05:00     Just before 5am Mayor Aponte finds the twins, takes knives

Twins return home, new knives, coffee at Prudencia Coates

Text Box: TimeJust after the beggar woman informs Guzman of the plot

05:30     Santiago woken by Victoria Guzman

06:00     Bishop’s ship’s horn sounds

06:06     Santiago leaves the house, missing the note under the door

Vicario twins wake up, Clotilde persuades them to delay

Bishop’s blessing

06:25     Margot, Cristo and Santiago talk about the wedding costs

Margot invites Santiago for breakfast

Santiago goes off with Cristo to change his clothes

06:45    Yamil Shaiuim informs Cristo of the plot

Santiago goes to see Flora Miguel

06:56     Cristo goes to Santiago’s house to find him

06:58     Cristo leaves Santiago’s bedroom

2mins   Cristo heads towards his home

07:01    Victoria Guzman informs Placida Linero of the murder plot

Divina tells Placida that Santiago is in the house, door barred

4mins – Examines Prospera Arango’s house

3mins – Helps Prospera Arango’s relative into the house

07:06 – The Vicario twins murder Santiago Nasar

Father Amador rings the fire alarms waking the narrator

08:00 – The Vicario twins are imprisoned