Manuel Puig’s Life


1932 -     born to a lower – middle class family in General Villegas. As a young boy he used films as a form of escapism. Dressed as girl and was later open about his homosexuality


1946 –    studied in a US boarding school in Buenos Aires


1951 –    studied architecture and then philosophy at University


1955 –    12 years of traveling in Europe and the U.S., teaching and working in the film industry


1967 –    returned to Buenos Aires but, disillusioned with the increasingly oppressive society that he found there he left when Peron returned in 1973. He particularly disliked Isabel Peron who had prevented him from receiving any of the royalties from his film ‘Heartbreak Tango’


1973 –    lived in Brazil, then New York, then Mexico


1990 –    Died in Mexico after spending years ''in an unsuccessful search for a good husband','