Kiss Of The Spider Woman: Motif tracking – Doubles / Two Meanings























Quotations & Explanations:


Chapter and page number



Chapter 2, pg 37

“…before you know it she’s transformed into a panther…”

This is related to the motif of doubles as it shows Irena the artist versus Irena the panther woman and shows us the split personalities of Irena.

Chapter 4, pg 74

“They ask her to uncover a very important secret, which is to find out the location of a huge ammunition dump which the Germans have somewhere in France…”

Leni, the singer, is asked to betray her lover in order to save her cousin from death. She is shown to have a hidden agenda, as she gets closer to the German officer just to get more information.

Chapter 5, pg 111

“…to see not the body but only the soul.”

This is from the story that Molina is replaying in his mind. It has a double meaning as it not only serves as a story, but as a reflection of what Molina feels. He wants to be seen for who he is, and not just as a homosexual.

Chapter 7, pg 133 and 137

Pg 133 – “It’s a lot of romantic nonsense.”

Pg 137 – “…I don’t have any right to be laughing at your bolero.”

This is related to the motif of two meanings as Valentin is concealing what he really thinks about the bolero when he first looks down on the bolero but changes his mind afterwards.

Chapter 8, pg 149

“We made it look like you had a visitor today. Arregui couldn’t possibly suspect anything.”

This can be linked to many of the connotations of two meanings: hidden agenda, lies/deception and concealment. Molina is lying to Valentin and trying to get closer to Valentin in order to obtain information about the revolution for the Warden.

Chapter 9, pg 155

M – “Look what I’ve got!”

V - “No! …your mother came?…”
M - “Yes!!!”

Molina is lying to Valentin about his mother visiting. He is trying to conceal the fact that he visited the Warden and brought the package so as to avoid suspicion from Valentin.

Chapter 9, pg 162

“…she leaves the critically ill patient alone with a white nurse, a new one, exposing her to contagion”

This is Molina’s thought interrupting the zombie story. It has double meanings as Molina could be referring to himself as the nurse, taking care of the ill Valentin.

Chapter 9, pg 176

“What I’d like is to dictate a letter to you for her…”

Valentin is dictating a letter to Molina for Marta. However, we are not sure if this letter dictating is for Valentin’s benefit or for Molina’s benefit and therefore there is the element of concealment and hidden agendas.

Chapter 10, pg 183

“My mom has started bringing stuff again…”

This is another lie from Molina, as we know that the Warden has been providing the food.

Chapter 11, pg 211

“You see it in her eyes, though, how much she still loves the guy, and doesn’t want to kill him, but the order is implacable.”

This quote has double meanings as we see it reflects Molina’s current situation of not wanting to betray Valentin but has no choice as he is pressured and blackmailed by the Warden.

Chapter 14, pg 245

“… Molina isn’t coming clean with me… that he’s hiding something.”

This is related to the motif, as there is the element of suspicion, distrust, and concealment. Molina is withholding information from the Warden, but we are not sure if this is for his personal benefit, or for Valentin’s.

Chapter 14, pg 252

“If we’re mentioning one place it’s that we’re really saying something else.”

This is one obvious example of something having two meanings. Valentin is telling Molina about the codes that the revolutionaries use.

Chapter 14, pg 263

“Then I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

At first, Molina was reluctant to pass the message on for Valentin but after they had sex, he was willing. This makes us suspect Valentin’s true intentions.

Chapter 15, pg 264

“… using various different names interchangeably throughout the conversation, for example: Teresa, China, Perla, Caracola…”

The different names used could either be code names or simply pet names amongst Molina and his friends. Nevertheless, it relates to the motif by having an ambiguous meaning.



Key Moment:

The motif of doubles or two meanings is featured throughout the text and causes a lot of suspicion and confusion, not only for the characters but also for the readers. The motif is particularly important in Chapter 8 when we find out that Molina has been working as a double agent against Valentin as this completely changes our perception of Molina being a caring mother figure. Another important part in the text relating to the motif is when they have sex as it signifies a change between the characters. There is a sense of ambiguity concerning Valentin, as his motives are questionable. Do they genuinely have a relationship where Valentin truly cares for Molina? Or is Valentin manipulating Molina’s feelings to his advantage?