Running in the Family: Family Tree & Timeline






There are very few specific dates in the memoir which reinforces the impression that it is more of a gesture than a portrait ”V this is not a historical document.


1928                 Mervyn goes to Cambridge and pretends to study

1930 / 31           Mervyn”¦s parents discover that he has not been studying and come to England to confront him, Mervyn”¦s engagement to Kaye Roseleap

1931                 Mervyn”¦s engagement to Doris is called off and then reinstated

April 11th 1932   Doris and Mervyn Marry


Mid 30”¦s            Mervyn starts drinking heavily

                        Lalla”¦s dairy closes and she starts visiting others

1938                 Philip Ondaatje dies ”V funeral argument about how much to pay the coffin bearers

1942                 Aelian Ondaatje dies ”V liver problems

1943                 Mervyn”¦s last train ride (Michael is born?)


Mid 40”¦s            Lalla runs a boarding house during the war


1946                 Probable date of divorce between Mervyn and Doris ”V she stayed with him for 14 years

                        Doris works in the Mount Lavinia Hotel and then the Grand Oriental

                        Eventually she moves to England (possibly 1947 in V.C. de Silva”¦s account, p.195)


Late 40”¦s           Mervyn returns to Rock Hill and runs a chicken farm


Aug 15th 1947    Lalla dies


1950                 Mervyn marries again


1954                 Michael moves to England (?) ”V he goes at age 11 which would be 1954 if born in 1943


1971                 Insurgence